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Joyce Meyer Photography ♦ 113 Dvorak Drive, Calmar, IA 52132 View Map

P: 563-562-3937 | | | Contact: Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer Photography Booth Joyce Meyer Sunset bridge north of Decorah

Award-winning, Published Nature Photographer, Joyce Meyer, has been published in state, and national magazines. She is also available for onsite nature, and landscape photo shoots.

Her commercial work can be seen all over the Midwest with her art on walls of businesses, billboards, websites, newspapers, and magazines. Find her work on metal, canvas, tile, metallic paper, cards, and more. You can pick up her wide variety of cards at the Decorah/Winneshiek County Visitors Center, Java John’s, and the Oneota Coop in Decorah. Her work can be seen on Saturday Farmers Markets in Decorah, (weather and art show obligations permitting.) The scratch proof and UV protected art canvases has a finished back and hanger.

Joyce and her husband Kevin, live in the outskirts of Spillville, where they listen to Dvorak’s Scarlet Tanager in the evenings among the deer, and wild turkeys, along the banks of Wonder Creek, and the Turkey River.  When the couple isn’t off golfing, or traveling to various art shows, or partaking in off the beaten path traveling around the United States for inspirational views; Joyce enjoys her second level “tree house” gazebo, where she spends time reading, and taking photographs.  They also enjoy spending time with their grandchildren.

"I feel drawn to light. I’m very interested in capturing the different moods and seasons of change.”

Besides her work as a fine art photographer, she is also a photojournalist for the Cedar Rapids Gazette, and freelance writer and photographer. Joyce also teaches photography classes, and has her work on exhibit in Iowa Art Galleries, with various stores also selling her line of nature inspired cards.

Photography started out as a hobby in her midlife, and became a career with her first photo assignment from, “The Iowan” magazine in 2007. She then resigned as the librarian at South Winneshiek High School, in Calmar Iowa, to pursue a writing and photography career.