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Bluff Country Artists Gallery ♦ 111 Main St., Spring Grove, MN 55974 View Map

Bluff Country Artists Gallery

Spring Grove is home to an amazing art gallery where works of local artists are on display and are available for sale. Enjoy paintings, sculptures, stoneware, baskets, hand-blown glass, pottery, jewelry, water fountains and so much more.

The gallery also features a wide variety of classes and events which always draw in tons of great people and a great energy. Classes include things like paper making and greeting cards and Rosemaling Christmas ornaments. Kids will love the hands on learning experience and adults will cherish the enriching time spent with family or friends.

Definitely check out their awesome new website at

Oh! and while you're there, you HAVE to make a pit stop at Doc's Blue Moose. It's definitely the local's favorite; and they have the best ice cream, yummy food and a great atmosphere that everyone will love.