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Decorah Eagle's Nest ♦ 2325 Siewers Spring Road, Decorah, IA 52101 View Map

Decorah Eagle's Nest Photo by IPTV Videographer, John Torpy The Trout Run Trail runs right by the hatchery! Kids learn about fish that are stocked in local streams.

Situated near the Decorah Fish Hatchery are the Famous Decorah Eagles. This "Royal Family" has wowed people throughout the entire globe for the last couple years. Why sit behind your computer screen reading articles or watching YouTube clips of them, when you can come see them at the hatchery? Make the trip to see their nest - we promise it's worth it!

At the hatchery you will enjoy convenient parking, restrooms, picnic shelter, picnic tables, a beautiful park and the fish hatchery's holding tanks where you can learn about numerous varieties of fish that are stocked in local streams. Kids will go wild when they feed the fish (for just $.25), they'll jump and wiggle and move around- the fish, we mean! :)

You'll also find great Trout Run Trail access (the trail literally runs right by the eagle's nest and hatchery AND it's a great place for fishing too. There's a wonderful handicapped-accessible fishing dock that visitors really enjoy.

*Ok, so we all know that the eagles flew the coop last year. But they are BACK! Yes, they are back in action and have so far laid 3 eggs! Come see them for yourself!

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