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Modish ♦ 217 W. Water St, Decorah, IA 52101 View Map

P: 563.382.3600 | | | Contact: Stephanie Henning

Modish is an elegant women's boutique with personal service. Known for brands like Everly, Flying Monkey, Klique B, Freeloader, Avital, Always, Soprano, Mai Tai, Hourglass Lilly, US Rags and many more, Modish strives to provide products manufactured in the USA that mostly retail under $50. With junior sizing 0-3X, you are sure to find a mix of classic and trendy pieces for your wardrobe.

Store hours:  Monday- Wednesday 10am - 6pm, Thursday 10-7pm, Friday 10-6pm, and Saturday 9-6pm.