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World's Smallest Church ♦ Little Church Road, Festina, IA 52144 View Map

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World's Smallest Church

The World's Smallest Church was built in 1885 and constructed of stones quarried at Snake Hollow. Joseph Spielman donated $20 toward a bell and Johann Gaertner, then 92 years of age, donated $75 to pay for the wood used in building the chapel. Frank Joseph Huber and his wife, Mary Ann, paid the balance.

The chapel dedication took place in 1886. The chapel proper is 14′ by 20′, the belfry is 40 feet high, and it seats 8 people. The F. J. Huber family maintained it until the summer of 1924, when St. Anthony's Chapel Association, composed of 65 grandchildren of Marie Anna Huber, was formed for the purpose of maintaining it.