Trout Run Trail | History

Trout Run Trail provides local users and visitors alike with increased recreational opportunities.  The trail can be used for walking, biking, hiking, skiing, and other forms of human powered transportation.

Work on the trail project is being done by a coalition of private citizens in the area, and governmental and non-governmental agencies at the city, county, and state levels. Trails of Winneshiek County (TOW), a group of county citizens, initiated the trail project and has invested thousands of volunteer hours developing and promoting it.

The City of Decorah, the Decorah Parks and Recreation Board, the Hotel/Motel Tax Committee, the Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce, Winneshiek County Development, Decorah Jobs, the Winneshiek County Supervisors, the Winneshiek County Conservation Board, the Iowa DNR Fisheries, Iowa DNR Hatchery Management, Iowa DNR Wildlife Management, and Northeast Iowa Resource Conservation and Development are all working together in support of the trail project.

Numerous landowners have generously provided access through their properties, and corporate and individual donors have stepped up to provide major amounts of capital for the trail.

The City of Decorah, Winneshiek County, the Iowa DNR, and private landowners share ownership of this trail. Because of the complexity of the ownership, the City of Decorah and Winneshiek County Conservation Board have agreed to maintain the trail.

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