Trout Run Trail | Public Art

There are three public art sculptures along the Trout Run Trail.  When the trail was being built, the Vision Iowa Board granted $100,000 to Winneshiek County so that the public could enjoy public art along the trail.

Dean Schwarz is a Decorah artist and former Luther College art professor who also founded South Bear School, a summer arts school devoted to pottery, painting and poetry.  His ceramic tile mosaic is 7 feet long, 2 feet high and 2 feet wide with limestone cap and base.  It is located at the Decorah Fish Hatchery, serving not only as artwork along the trail, but as a sign for the hatchery.

Minneapolis-based Doug Freeman creates one-of-a-kind sculpture pieces that invite visitors to participate, play and imagine.  In the case of his work for the Trout Run Trail, Freeman's sculpture has a place where people can leave poems or writings for other people to read.  It also looks out over the Upper Iowa River, since Freeman looks for ways for people to interact with their surroundings in plazas, parks and trails.

Bounnak Thammavong is an Iowa City artist who is an avid trout fisherman.  As a result, his sculptures often are inspired by the natural world.  In fact, Bounnak used to visit Decorah as a child to go trout fishing, which is what inspired his large metal archway that crosses Trout Run Trail just south of Highway 9.

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